Running an E-commerce startup! An interview with Fundles

Written by Ghalia Fasheh & Suzanne Ross on Tuesday 11, July 2017
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Company Feature: Fundles Packages

Starting and running an Ecommerce business is not as simple as finding a product and putting it on a website. Finding your niche and targeting your customer effectively takes time and planning.

Operations and sales functions are tied tightly together with your marketing initiatives and managed on the same platform. Ecommerce can be a tough market to penetrate if your online store is not well managed and updated.

One of the areas that we focus on at Orchestra is helping Ecommerce businesses grow. Fundles is an Ecommerce client of ours that offers custom care packages to complement the everyday moments and special occasions to celebrate in your life. We took some time to ask founder, Suzanne Ross, about her experience with an Ecommerce startup.


How did you decide on the target market for your startup?

Fundles is trying to make care packages easier and faster for our customers. We took a look at who was sending care-packages, where they were sending them and what kinds of products they were looking to send, hence, streamlined the process. Sending a package to your family, loved ones, and friends used to be a lot of work. What we are doing with Fundles is facilitate the process for our clients where they can simply just pick, click, care!

What are the challenges you’ve faced as an Ecommerce business?

Most web-based businesses have the same challenge of not being face-to-face with their customer at the time of their purchase. Therefore, investing in your website’s functionality is crucial.

What are the key requirements you set for your online store?

The Fundles website had to strike that perfect balance between fun and function. It’s what we look for in our products, so it’s what we wanted for our site. Our online store had to be bright, colourful and fun while allowing for sophisticated Ecommerce options like multiple shipping locations and direct social media links.

What are your main marketing channels you optimised for starting your business?

At the beginning, we focused on industry specific trade shows, Facebook as a social and Advertising platform, as well as niche print publication that would complement our packages.

What are you best-selling and your favourite Fundles?

The log pillow and the bear are tied for best selling. My personal favourite is the gnome crayons!


Dormroom Dream

Dormroom Dream


Pillow Bear
Pillow Bear


What are the top 3 elements you should consider when marketing your Ecommerce business?

  • Know your client and aim to market directly to them as much as possible
  • Stay true to your vision for your brand – you’re never going to be everything to everyone
  • Ask your customers how they want to be marketed to, they’ll be much more receptive to your message if it comes across a platform which they enjoy engaging in

Do you think utilising email marketing can be successful?

When done smartly, it can be quite effective. People get a lot of emails these days, just be sure your message isn’t lost in the chatter. I recommend a catchy subject line like, “I found your wallet” or “Only Jerks Eat Soup And Here’s Why…”.

You’ll eventually know what works best for your brand!
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